You Can’t Do Anything Without A Story Arc

Plotting is difficult for me, and always has been. I do that before I actually start writing, but I always do characters, and the arc of the story, first… You can’t do anything without a story arc. Where is it going to begin, where will it end.

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3 thoughts on “You Can’t Do Anything Without A Story Arc

  1. I’ve adopted a tendency to write synopsis’ of my stories out on a notepad with a No. 2 pencil. It’s such an unpleasant task that it forces me lay down a complete set of bones before I can be done with it. However, for the price of a graphite-smudged left palm, I haven’t had any false starts in a long while. Now, a spiral notebook begrudgingly accompanies me wherever I go.

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    1. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of how you approach to the craft of writing, LDW. By the way, I enjoyed reading your The Gumtree Campaigns.

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