Our First Journey Around The Sun Comes To An End

Dear fellow writers and artists our first trip together around the Sun has come to an end.

A year ago I embarked on my pursuit of a Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts degree, and my journey is now complete. I will be graduating in August.

Each day during the past year, I set out to discover top writers, and by curating their words, to learn their insights on the writing craft.

Along the way, I have became reacquainted with old friends whose stories I’d loved since I was a child, and made new friends whose stories inspire me anew.

To mark my progress, each day I shared literary quotes with other artists and writers, like you. I am pleased to know that sharing the words of great writers has provided you with inspiration, knowledge, and joy.

Today, as I transition from student to writer, will mark a new beginning for me, and so the content I share will evolve.

I invite you to join me in writing and creating, as we embark on our next journey around the Sun.

Be well. Be safe. Stay creative.

Write something today and share it.



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