As The Music Dies

I’ve announced my project for NaNoWriMo 2020 and started Preptober full force.

If you are participating this year, let’s buddy up and provide motivation and support for each other.

As The Music Dies – Back Cover Copy

When Gentleman Dance Host and retired cop, Kienan Galli, embarks on his second Southeast Asia Cruise, he is missing his deceased wife and considering ending his life. But Rita Jimenez, passenger and con artist, lures Kienan to her cabin for a nightcap and conversation, which as a Gentleman Dance Host he is forbidden from doing. Next morning, claiming to have been seduced against her will, Rita threatens to show the ship’s captain video of their encounter and nude photos taken while Kienan slept on her bed—unless he pays her $50,000. As Kienan storms out of Rita’s cabin, he knocks to the floor a passenger who is ill and having difficulties breathing.

#preptober #nanowrimo #nanowrimo2020


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