About Me

My name is Rolando Andrés Ramos and I am passionate about creating and sharing engaging and entertaining stories. Throughout my professional career I have helped organizations, entrepreneurs, and artists discover and communicate their brand stories.

Starting now, as I transition to the next phase on my life journey, I am focusing with full intent and unwavering commitment on developing creative writing skills to craft and share fictional stories. Thus, I am pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree from Full Sail University, a unique and amazing institution that is home to an ever-expanding family of educators, students, and alumni who are dedicated and inspired creative artists.

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After earning my MBA at the University of Miami, I joined Arthur Andersen’s Management Information Consulting Division and progressed to the role of Senior Management Information Systems Consultant.

Then, as Senior Marketing Manager, I guided the branding and marketing activities for organizations and clients in a broad variety of industries. I have enjoyed the privilege of conceiving and implementing successful national promotions, sweepstakes and advertising campaigns. These projects have featured dynamic personalities such as Don Francisco (internationally renowned host of Sabado Gigante) and Nancy Lieberman (Olympian athlete and basketball hall of fame honoree) whose creativity and professional journeys continue to inspire me.

Currently, as a digital marketing strategist, writer, and educator, I guide entrepreneurs, students, and artists to achieve their professional goals by leveraging data-driven information and digital marketing techniques.

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