Inspiration Image Source: Dibert, D. (2019). David Dibert (@dibert) | Unsplash Photo Community. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Sep. 2019].

Pointless Things Give Life Meaning

Today I embark on a journey I have planned for decades and never found the time to begin.

I did find time to be a student, a son, a husband, a father, a caregiver, a friend, a marketer, a teacher– and performed each role to the utmost of my ability. Yet all along I yearned, and dreamed, and longed to write stories and tell tales– but for that role so frivolous, selfish, and pointless, I dared not take the time

But, no longer will I wait. This year I hope to reach one of those milestone birthdays many never reach, most dread, and few embrace. To celebrate that milestone and transition to the next phase of my life, I am carving out time for my long deferred journey.

Beginning today, and for the next twelve months, I am embarking on a journey of learning. I intend fully to make time to write stories and tell tales. I am doing this for me. With no clear destination in sight and no pragmatic goal in mind.

This month I have begun Mastery, the first course in my year-long pursuit of a Creative Writing Master of Science degree from Full Sail University. I am feeling electric with anticipation. I will share postcards along the way.

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