Escargot Awakens – Comic Book Origins Story Script Excerpt

Genre: Science fiction, comedic satire.

Among all super heroes in the world, only he has the power to summon snails and Miami mice, and gleefully this reluctant villain has unleashed his wrath upon the sweltering tropical city, while fearfully its inhabitants tremble in anticipation of the unspeakable horrors to come soon — well to come soon-like, or to come soonish definitely, or to come in time — most definetely.

Begin on a wide shot of the façade of ESCARGOT’s L’air Escargot Restaurant on Collins Avenue in Miami’s South Beach. The restaurant’s poison green neon lights seem to bleed and puddle on the rain-covered street. The intricate baroque patterns of summer lightning streak the pitch-black sky in the background.

ESCARGOT (V.O.): Tomorrow they will tremble in fear and choke as they shriek in mind-numbing disgust.

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