Intention Statement

As I transition to the next phase on my life, I am focusing with full intent and unwavering commitment on developing creative writing skills to craft and share fictional stories. Thus, I am pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree from Full Sail University. Over the next twelve months, as I embark on my Mastery Journey, I hope to gain new insight into the craft of writing creative content for different types of media, as well as grow and hone my writing skills.

No longer will I wait. This year I hope to reach one of those milestone birthdays many never reach, most dread, and few embrace. To celebrate that milestone and transition to the next phase of my life, I am carving out time for my long-deferred journey.

To maximize the knowledge and skills I gain along this journey, I intend to be an engaged and active partner in my own education. This means that I will participate fully in each course of the Program. I will research and leverage resources that complement the materials curated and shared by the course Instructor. Also, I will engage enthusiastically in every discussion board, and seek to elevate the conversation through my contributions, so that my classmates and myself achieve the maximum benefit.

Each week, I will begin with the end in mind. I will read the instructions for each discussion board, activity, and assignment thoroughly. I will extract the key elements required to develop each response fully. Then, I will complete the assigned reading and seek supplementary material to enhance my assimilation of the key concepts the instructor introduces.

Beginning today, and for the next twelve months, I am embarking on a journey of learning. As I progress, I will invest time to write stories and tell tales. I am doing this for me. With no clear destination in sight and no pragmatic goal in mind.

As I set out on my Mastery Journey, I am feeling electric with anticipation of what lies ahead. I will share postcards along the way.

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