Print-On-Demand Publishing Is The New Farm System

Print-on-demand publishing is the new farm system for new voices in fiction. Authors who have compelling things to say, who can market their stories in compelling ways, will succeed. (2019). Daniel Suarez Quotes (Author of Daemon). [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Dec. 2019].

I Don’t Read A Book Of Mine After It Has Been Published

I don’t reread a book of mine after it’s been published. All I see is shortcomings and errors. The gap between what I intended to accomplish and what I settled for is a yawning abyss.

Publish Your Book on Amazon

This article by Ali Hale presents an overview of practical steps to follow to make a book available on Amazon.

Especially useful are the suggestions on factors to consider while deciding whether to publish as an ebook, physical book, or both.

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