The Philosopher Stoned – Web Series Episode Script

Science Fiction Comedic Web Series Script

Under the watchful eyes of secretive investors, hidden in plain view on the streets of Manhattan, a philosopher, his scientist girlfriend, and a frustrated thespian professor train an Artificial Intelligence entity hidden in an autonomous ride-share vehicle.

The Philosopher Stoned web series doubles down on the humor sci-fi comedy genre, leveraging strongly the romantic tension between the two main characters.

The tone of The Philosopher Stoned web series is thrilling with a strong sense of smart-alecky and tongue-in-cheek humor.

The Philosopher Stoned
Episode #102 – “Counterpoint”

A relatively quiet side street in Manhattan. A silver-colored AIDEC (Artificial Intelligence Driven Electric Car) ride share vehicle is parked by the curve outside a nondescript brownstone. A small brass sign by the building’s front door reads AIDEC PROJECT LAB, NO VISITORS OR SOLICITATION ALLOWED.

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